1. Oracle's Mark Hurd Passes Away at 62
    Co-CEO dies one month after taking a leave of absence to address an undisclosed health issue.
  2. Misconfigured Containers Open Security Gaps
    Laziness, inattention and poor management practices make containerized applications vulnerable to invasion and attack. Fortunately, establishing strong safeguards is fast and easy.
  3. No Wonder the Chatbots are Sad
    Emotional cognition is maturing, and there's a great deal of potential. Perhaps 'happiness' is in store for AI-powered bots in the not-too-distant future.
  4. SAP Gets New Leadership for Cloud, AI Era
    SAP CEO Bill McDermott, who presided over dozens of acquisitions and the launch of what may be the biggest change to SAP's flagship product, has stepped down, making way for new leadership.
  5. SAS Targets Operationalizing AI with ModelOps
    Analytics stalwart SAS wants to help organizations get to that last mile of digital transformation by moving them from pilot projects to deployment to modeling and governance.